Quirky facts about New Zealand:

- New Zealand is about the same size as mainland UK but has only 1/15th the population.
- Bungee Jumping was invented here.
- New Zealand has better Fish and Chips than the UK and it is served in newspaper.
- They have more varieties of Dairy Milk chocolate here including Lemon Cheesecake, Fudge Brownie, Mint Crisp, and lots more.
- They have just as many varieties of milk - Blue Top, Red Top, Green Top, Yellow Top, Lighter Blue Top etc.
- Weather forecasts often mention 'Squally' rain.
- When a road sign says >>>>30 - you'd better go round the corner at 30 kilometers per hour.
- Magpies in New Zealand are white on top and black underneath.
- They have good street names here - one in Te Anau is called 'Wong Way', another in Kairkoura is called 'Whale Way' - it leads to both the railway station and the whale watching tour building.
- They are also quite good with shop names - Florist Gump was a favourite.
- Despite what all the guidebooks say, Campervans are EVIL!!!!!
- Kiwis drive on the left (Yay!) but are awful tailgaters (Boo)
- But they do say hello to you as you pass them in the street.
- Trees in New Zealand are suspiciously straight.
- Despite a legal requirement to pay for a TV license, no one does.
- Lots of school kids seem to wander around barefoot.
- 'Wh' in maori is pronounced as an 'F' and there and plenty of place names that start with the unfortunate - 'Whaka'
- You still get petrol pump attendants in New Zealand