30th November 2005
Des Moines, Iowa

We've got a long way to go before our next major batch of sightseeing. So today we will be driving. A lot.

We head across the snow covered landscapes and marvel at the organisation of the ploughing teams in this country. This level of snow would grind england to an absolute halt. On arriving at Iowa we stop at the visitors centre to get some maps and we are welcomed as if we'd just arrived at a family home. We are offered coffee and they seem thrilled that we've come to visit America at this time of year. Upstairs in the visitors centre is an exhibition of local art. Nothing exceptional after yesterdays barrage of spectacular art, but it's enjoyable.

We keep pressing West, and spot on a road sign that we are on the historic Route 66. As the light falls, so does the snow. It quickly reaches a point where driving any further becomes unviable. We pull off the road at the next junction and the road signs helpfully direct us within a few hundred meters to a Motel 6. Another great thing about America is that you can do that. You're never far from a place to rest your head.

It's still quite early and I use up the evening doing several loads of laundry.

Chris Cottam