5th December 2005
Rapid City, South Dakota

We wake up to a spectacular snow storm outside. Taking the advice of the receptionist at the motel we decide to have a day off and delay our drive until the weather improves. We spend the day making the most of Skype and phone our family and friends, catching up with the news back home as best we can.

As part of our rental agreement we have to have the oil changed and the tyres checked every 3000 miles. I take the car over to Walmart to have the work done.

"Do you want 10/40 or 5/30 oil?"
"Er.... Yes?"
"Do you want 3 season or 4 season tyres?"

At this point the clerk realises I know nothing about cars. I tell her about our journey and she fills in what she thinks is appropriate. One hour later the car is done.

The afternoon brings better weather and we drive around the local streets looking for somewhere nice to eat. We find a nice diner after a long drive - right next to the motel.

Chris Cottam