10th December 2005
Cedar City, Utah

Today we rejoin the I-15 heading South. It's a long driving day heading south and we decide to book 3 nights at our next motel. We've heard the skiing in Utah is pretty good and I've always wanted to give it a go. Cedar City also looks to be a good jump off point to Bryce Canyon National Park. The landscape as we head south changes to a starker landscape, and a range of mountains is off to our left. The sun sets to our right in a brilliant display of colour as we round Salt Lake City. As we approach Cedar City we spot our motel of choice for the night - the Crystal Inn. After last nights horrific encounter it is a wonderful sight to behold. Entering through automatic doors into a huge atrium I am treated swiftly and courteously and have a room key and free access to the hot tub within 5 minutes. We park around the back and haul everything out of the car up to our room for a sort. The room is huge! Two double beds, a sizable bathroom, free wireless and all for less money that last night's dingy hole. Bliss! We make the most of the hot tub and enjoy a well deserved soak before hiding away for the night.

Chris Cottam