25th August 2006                                                                                                                                               
Hobart, Port Arthur, Eagle Hawk Neck

This morning we head into town to endorse our flight ticket which we have changed to a few days earlier, however Quantas charge an administration fee for this, and so we decide that we will reroute the ticket at the same time, so we only have to pay one fee. This we will work out over the weekend and then return next week with the full and finalised details.

On departure from the city we stop first at the Tasmanian Devil Park, where there is a free flight bird demonstration occurring as we walk in, so we stay and watch. Then we tour the rest of the wildlife park to see the Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, various birds and a baby wombat called Horace. Back on the road we head South to Port Arthur, the old convict colony, where repeat offenders from the mainland were sent and the harshest of criminals were housed. The site has been restored and preserved and the exhibition is very good regarding the lives of various convicts, officers and lay people. The ticket includes a free guided tour of some of the complex as well as a boat tour around the coast to where the juvenile's were kept. Sadly it was raining hard for most of our visit and so we didn't see much on the boat trip.

We decide to stay at the Lufra Best Western Hotel at Eagle Hawk Neck so that we can visit the sites nearby in the morning just above Port Arthur. The hotel is lively with a rock 'n' roll evening planned and party of ex-servicemen and women on a weekend away, so we have dinner and enjoy the music. The waiter is really friendly and we get chatting, as Chris is a musician he gives him a Bernard Fanning CD which he has recently got as he really likes it and recommends it highly.


Pip Cottam