26th August 2006                                                                                                                                               
Eagle Hawk Neck, Doo Town, East coast to Launceston

First thing we head to the Tessellated Pavement , just outside the hotel, one of the features of the area and then start our drive North, along the East Coast. Our first stop is just outside Doo Town for the Blowhole, Devils Kitchen and Tasman Arch. Doo Town is really funny to drive through as all of the houses are named, these included "Doodle Doo", "Love me Doo", "DigeriDoo", "Doo me", "Doo Too", "XanaDoo", "Doo Ra Me", "Doo F All". You get the picture.

After we have filled up with petrol and got some food, we stop at the beach in Orford to eat, overlooking the bay. We then continue our drive, stopping at the Spiky Bridge and Swansea to pick up some supplies from Morris' General Store, before heading inland to Launceston. We end up getting the last cabin at the Treasure Island Caravan Park, apparently there is some football on, which is why it is so busy, but we settle in and do some laundry before bed.


Pip Cottam