Below is the packing list that we each have to take with us on this trip. This will all fit into two backpacks.


CHRIS - 35+8L Backpack & 10L Mini Backpack

PIP - 25L Berghouse backpack & 7L collapsible rucksack

Pair of Gloves
Sun Hat
Thinsulate Hat
North Face Neck Warmer Thingy
2x Plastic Ponchos
7x Underwear
7x Socks
7x T-Shirts / Long Sleeve Shirts
2x Pairs Regatta Many Pocketed and Comfy Trousers

4x Spare AA Batteries
Plug Converters (UK to World, US to UK)
Chargers - IRiver, Mobile Phone, Batteries
Skype Kit - Mic, Headphones (Also used for IRiver), Webcam
IRiver H340
USB Memory Stick - 128MB
Misc Cables (USB etc)

2x Pack of Playing Cards
1x 20 Litre water tight kayak bag
Spare Shoelaces
Guide Books (New Zealand, Oz, Asia)
SnoSeal Beeswax Leather Protection
100% Pure Cotton Travel Sleep Liner
Binoculars (10x25)

Cotton Buds (Q-Tips)
Toiletries Bag (Toothbrush etc)
NoRinse Shampoo & Body Wash
Foot Powder
2x Knee Supports
Sunblock (SPF 30)

NAUI Scuba Certification / Dive Book

clothes including 10 days worth of underwear, 2 pair lightweight quick dry trousers, 4 spaghetti tops, 1 pair flip flops, 1 pair walking boots with thick woolly socks, 1 fleecy lightweight jumper, 1 zip up jumper, 1 short sleeved shirt, 1 overshirt,1 t-shirt, 2 long sleeved thermal shirts, thermal under trousers, 1 handkerchief, wind and water resistant jacket, swimming costume, 1 pair long sleeves trouser pyjamas, woolly hat, thin gloves, sun hat, pashmina, waterproof trousers, thermal gloves, 2 plastic ponchos

small toiletry bag including cotton buds, soap, small toner, cotton wool, toothbrush, shampoo, toothpaste, hair bobbles, deodorant, moisturiser, perfume, hairbrush, lip salve, dry shampoo, trek towel.

first aid kit including crepe bandage, plasters, antiseptic wipes, antiseptic cream, nail scissors, micropore, after bite cream, cold and flu, vitamins, anti-diarrhoea, rehydration sachets, ear plugs, DEET spray, insect repellent, suntan lotion, knee support, paracetemol, aspirin, ciprofloxin, motion sickness tables, benadryl, throat pastels, calamine lotion, gaviscon,

other items including sleep sheet, 3 season sleeping bag, spare glasses, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, notebook and pen
mobile phone, watch, book, angel pin (thanks Rachel), mini bear, zip lock plastic bags, packsafe & padlock, alarm clock, Dive log book and card, passport, insurance, photocopies of important documents, chewy bars, bottle of water, money belt.