083 - 27th January 2006 - Graceland

Welcome to Graceland

Elvis' Lounge - The sofa on the right is 15 feet long

Elvis' Parents lived with him - This was their bedroom

Elvis' Dining Room

The kitchen - Centre of all family activity

The TV room downstairs - He used to watch three channels at once, as he heard that was what Nixon did.

The Pool Room

The Jungle Room

Elvis' Office Desk - Now in the basement for viewing - the upstairs was Elvis' private area and is kept that way in respect.

Elvis' Gun Collection - The turquoise one in the front was his favourite

The rear of the surprisingly humble house

His father Vernon's office

Horses outside

Just part of the huge collection of gold discs

Some of Elvis' famous stage costumes - These were from the '68 special.

More outfits

This was the award for being one of the 10 Outstanding Young Men in the USA. The only one Elvis went to collect in person. He took it everywhere he went.

More gold discs

Two of his famous jumpsuits

His mother, Gladys' gravestone had to be moved from a graveyard to Graceland to prevent fans from damaging it

The Meditation Garden - Resting place of Elvis, his parents and paternal grandmother, who outlived them all.

Elvis still receives plenty of birthday gifts

The Kidney shaped pool

Chris at Graceland

Elvis' Motorcycles

His Purple Cadillac

The Cadillac in full

Another of Elvis' Cars

The famous Pink Cadillac - Elvis' Mothers Favourite

More Elvis Cars

The 'Lisa Marie' - his private jet - named after his daughter

Inside the jet - heavily customised. Even the seatbelt buckles were covered in 24 carat gold.

Inside the 'Hound Dog' - his other jet