084 - 28th January 2006 - Sun Studio Memphis

Vinyl cutting lathe

Chris in the sudio

The X where Elvis stood and sang

Studio equipment

The Diner next door to the studio, now acts as a cafe and gift shop

One of these booths is where Elvis was signed by Sam Phillips

Sun Studios

Outside the FedEx Forum, Memphis

Beale Street, Memphis

Beale Street, the other direction

Gibson Guitar Plant

The bodies are cut from a variety of hardwood, including maple

guitars in process





Once the necks have been glued in they are then dried for 5 days

Quality control is rigourous


15 layers of laquer are put on each guitar

custom paint jobs are carried out here as well

a guitar takes 3 weeks to produce and the plant in memphis only produces semi hollow bodied guitars with an average of 45 produced in a day. There are 80 employees and the record number produced in one day is 100.

Beale street