088 - 1st February 2006 - Jack Daniels at Lynchburg

The Jack Daniel's Visitors Centre

The visitors centre

Jack Daniel himself - only 5 feet tall

Our tour guide Ron. Behind him are the stacks of wood they will burn to make charcoal for filtration

The burning apparatus

Piles of finished charcoal

One of the old on site fire engines

One of the storage warhouses

The Jack Daniel's spring - The water is what brought Jack Daniels to this site

Another statue of Jack Daniels

This safe is what killed Jack Daniel. He kicked it in a temper one day and broke his toe. The gangrenous infection spread over several years and eventually killed him.

The original office building - The only original building on the site

The distillery towers

140 proof pure moonshine whiskey

The still room

The fermenting process in action

The Mellowing building

Jack Daniel's Distillery was the first registered distillery in the USA

Inside the Jack Daniel's barrels - $105 each

The packaging line

One of the many Barrel Houses

Each barrel will wait from 4 to 8 years to mature before being sent out

Downtown Lynchburg - The town hall

Our tour group - Say Whiskey!!!!