091 - 12th February 2006 - Cancun

Before the haircut

Cancun by night

The Golf Course we were staying by

The Mexicans enjoying the water

Roundabout sculpture in downtown Cancun

Trees with socks on

Downtown Cancun back street

And a side street

More of the golf course

Chris at the Mayan 'Village'

The restaurant at the village

The shops

Making cartouches

A wall of plates for sale

Chris in a hammock - comfy!

The Castle Pyramid

Pancho - Our Tour Guide

Bird that joined us at lunch

Nice flower on a tree - We don't know what it was unfortunately

A Funerary Structure -

Chris at a Mayan place of Worship

The corner

Chris at the “House of the Grinding Stones”

This used to be on top of the pyramid with 15 others

More of El Osario

More Mayan Constructions

The observatory - The Mayans were skiled astronomers

Looking across to another amazing structure

The Castle - Seen from the Observatory

Chris at Chichen Itza

A Temple

And the carvings on the side

The Nunnery

Big nosed gods carved onto the Nunnery

Mayan building

The Castle - You can't climb it any more but at least people don't get in the way of a good photo

Mayan constructions were built with small jagged stones cemented together and covered with a facade of thin stone slabs - As seen here

On of the targets in the Mayan games

The actual playing area is only a small section in the middle of a huge field. The rest was reserved for spectators

The Castle from the arena

This carving shows the blood of the victorious giving new life to the earth.

Close up of the target

Tiger statue

Mayan carvings

Mayan carvings

These show an eagle and a tiger feasting on human hearts - The Mayans believed in human sacrifice.

You can still see some of the original Mayan pigments - Blue, Green and Red

Carvings on the edge of the Mausoleum - A touch on the morbid side

Mayan Platform

The Serpent's head at the bottom of the Castle

Every year on the summer solstice a shadow is cast along the side of these steps in the form of a snake.

The climb that people faced to reach the top.

Looking up at a sacrificial temple

The temple of a thousand pillars

Chris at the temple

In fact there are 584 pillars - the same number of days as it takes Venus to orbit the sun.

Even the Mayans played Noughts and Crosses

Pip at the temple of a thousand pillars

Chichen Itza is still quite well surrounded by trees and bushes

Big Nosed God

Two Gods - Without their noses

The back of the Temple of a Thousand Pillars

Looking through the trees at the pillars

A small hut

The site is huge - This is the map

Looking across at the observatory