095 - 17th February 2006 - Cuba

Beautiful Sunrise

The fields of Cuba on the way West to Pinar del Rio

The tobacco factory we visited - No pictures allowed inside

The tobacco fields

Cuban Countryside

Tobacco Fields

Cuban Hills stretch off into the distance

From the lookout point over the Vinales

More from the viewpoint

More from the viewpoint

Chris at Vinales

Vinales hillside

View near the Indians Cave

Cuban Flora

By the Indians Cave

Cuban Comedy Signs - Warning! Breakdancers ahead!

Inside the Indians Cave

The inside of the cave - Limestone

The way out - On the boat

The cliffs above the river

Amazing foliage

The waterfall

More of beautiful Cuba

120 feet wide, 80 feet tall - How to spoil a landscape in one easy work of art - Mural de la Prehistoria - Done in the 60s

A local horse

Cuban Reservoir

A well deserved drink at the end of the day - Taking in the Architecture

Cuba by nights