096 - 19th February 2006 - Cuba Trinidad trip

Our first Casa Particulare in Old Havana

Our bathroom - Quick Showers - Limited Hot Water

Tree in Cienfuegos - Parque Jose Marti

The theater in Cienfuegos - Theatro Tomas Terry

Cienfuegos - Parque Jose Marti

The Government Building - Antiguo Ayuntamiento

Wedding in Progress - Cathedral de la Purisima Concepcion

Amazing Studebaker - We think it was the wedding car

Ceinfuegos High Street - Avenue 54

The High Street - Avenue 54

A crowd gathers for the Harley Davidson bikes

The view across the bay - Ensenada Marsillan

Lunchtime at the Club Cienfuegos

The view out to the bay

Boat in the bay

More of Cubas amazing scenery

Cuban Seaside on the way to Trinidad

More of Cuba

Cuban Pottery in progress

Old car at the Pottery Factory - No idea why

Pottery Light Fitting

Simon Bolivar Street in Trinidad

The first Theater in Trinidad - Rehearsal in Progress

The town Square at Trinidad - Plaza Mayor

Museo de la Lucha Contra Bandidos - 18th Century Church and Convent - The bell tower

Piro Guinart - A Street in Trinidad

Cubans on Ruben Martinez Street

Inside the Museo Historico

The Courtyard at the Museum

Chris in the Courtyard

Coat of Arms of the Revolution

Looking down on the courtyard from the tower - The Canteros Family owned this house originally

Another view of the bell tower

View from the top of the tower at the Museo Historico

Looking out over the Rooftops

View of the Plaza Mayor from the tower

Chris at the top of the tower - It was 90 degrees F in the sun

Looking out to the sea

Local wildlife

Shy Fountain

Posh House Interior - It was formerly a plantation house

The bedroom restored to how it was

Cuban One Man Band

Statue in Plaza Mayor

This tree was the site of the first Mass in Trinidad before anything had been built

Cuban Bar

Watching the world go by - A favourite Cuban Pasttime

Chris at the Valle de los Ingenios

An incredible view over the valley - The site of the most sugar estates

More of the Valley

More of the Valley

There are 80 different types of Palm in Cuba - The Royal Palm is the most common

More of the Valley

View from the top of a slave watch tower at the Manca Iznaga Estate - 45 meters high

Old sugar boiling cauldrons

The tower itself - Over 120 rickety steps to reach the top

The Casa Hacienda - Colonial Mansion where the family stayed - Currently a restaurant

Sugar Grinding Device

A Dog watching the world go by in Sancti Spiritus

Modern Art

The only bridge in Cuba with arches - Everything else is square or triangular - Puente Yayabo - Built 1825

Ornate Street Signs

Chillis at the Market

An arty version of the shot

Rice and Beans for sale

Chopping a Coconut - Cuban Style

Lounging at the Market

I have no idea - But it was very colourful - They also sold soap - Maybe it's organic shampoo?

We also have no idea about this - His statue was right in the middle of the street with no explanation

Band in the Plaza Serafin Sanchez

Hostal Del Rijo - Our accomodation for the night

Cuban outside the hotel

The Hostal was originally the home of a doctor who treated the towns poor for free. He was murdered by his rivals for poaching their patients,

Santa Clara - The bulldozer used to tear up the railway - the act that led to the flight of Batiste and Castro marching into Havana

The remnants of the train - Monumento a la Toma del Tren Blindado

The monument

Parque Vidal

Parque Vidal

A sign being put in place

The Teatro la Caridad

Cuban kids taking a ride on a goat led cart

More of the park

Cuban Adults taking a ride on a horse led cart

The Che Guevara Memorial and Museum

The Plaza de la Revolution at Santa Clara

More of the Plaza

This depicts Guevara's march from the Sierra Maestra to Santa Clara and the decisive victory over Batistas troops

The Statue of Che Guevara - Below him it reads Ever Onwards to Victory - The Catchphrase of the Revolution

Cuban Service Station

Sunset back in Havana