099 - 26th February 2006 - Rio de Janeiro - Sugarloaf Mountain

Leaving Cozumel - The ferries

Looking up at the first stopping point

The view from on high

Looking out to sea

Looking back to the redeemer statue

Chris at Sugarloaf Mountain

The bay at Rio

A small distsrict of Rio hides beneath the loaf

Chris with the sugarloaf in the background

The sugarloaf itself

Copacabana Beach

One of many hidden walkways

With fine views across Rio

But don't touch the trees!!!

Beach by the Sugarloaf

Looking back down from the very top

Heading up to the sugarloaf itself

Rio sits amongst many hills

The sugarloaf is home to these tiny monkeys

They tend to come a bit closer when someone has ice cream

The sun begins to set

The redeemer statue at sunset

Sundown over Rio

Rio begins to sparkle

The redeemer statue is floodlit at night

Rio by night