101 - 28th February 2006 - Rio de Janeiro - Carnival

The Sambodrome is huge, we were in Sector 6 seats (it goes up to sector 13)

another float with dancers

the tigers were fully mobile

water floats aswell

each school takes about 90 minutes to get from one end of the sambodrome to the other, so you can imagine the scale

another float

It takes a couple of cranes to get the people off the top of the floats

the size is amazing

sailing ships

big boat float

close up


a sea of feathers

another tiger float (this is still the first parade at 10.30pm!)

fab costumes

the sambodrome

the second school Mangueira had a lot of followers so the crowd noise was amazing

Every school started with fireworks

This float was a totem and opened out like a canoe as well. very good

canoes and feathers

the first main float of the second school (there are 7 throughout the night)

more of the first float

close up

Chris at the Sambodrome

great costumes

spooky green float

wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night!

you can see the parade goes on for a kilometre

dragon float

big cake float

some of the floats we didn't really understand....

You can see the detail of the costumes here

three kings float

so colourful

and detailed

more costumes


more wow

so much fun!

even when the performers got to the end they were still dancing

lots of the floats had confetti coming out of them too

there are a couple of people within the fruit!

yeah! confetti - the end of the second school's parade - Mangueira

detail of the last Mangueira float

The third school started with these individuals and doors, it was about architecture

then came their first float!

cavemen on this float

so colourful

works of art at the back of the caveman float

architecture float

big dresses

pip at sambodrome

dancing to the music


confetti float

there is a person within the feathers at the top of the float

so good

so many floats!