101a - 28th February 2006 - Rio de Janeiro - Carnival

Early morning float

Each parade has 5 floats and hundreds of participants

The graffiti on this one was done as the float went along

A spaceman and his dog

Close up

Amazingly huge costume

Horses winding their way down the Sambadrome

A space train

The four motorbike riders of the apocolypsse

A military themed float

Green thinking - Complete with gardener

Deoderant Testing?

Needing help with removing a costume

The Carnaval Arch

Some floats even had fireworks

Spectacular colours

Giant Parrot

A flurry of Feathers

Hundreds of Mozarts emerge from their float

and give the local kids a dance

This one was just freaky. It scared us

ET even made an appearance

This float was made entirely from VW beetles

This was one of our favourites - The cosumes changed between James Brown, Michael Jackson and Elvis

Scary Eyes

The sun begins to rise

Not even a long night keeps the participants from enjoying their moment


Lifting down people from their float with Corcovado in the distance

Bright colours

More participants

Golden Float

I'm not sure what they were - but I kinda liked them.

Feathers abound

More vibrancy

The last of the confetti falls

Groovy old guys

More groovy old guys

Spinning flag lady

The night is almost over

People begin to drift away

But still the floats keep coming

And then the rain comes

But still they keep coming

Religion played a bit part in one parade

And music in others

Religion again

One of the last floats of the day