102 - 3rd March 2006 - Parati, Brazil

La Scala Gay Ball

A major television event

Everyone comes to see the outrageous costumes

On the way to Paraty

Fog clings to the mountains

On the boat to the private beaches

Accompanied by some locals

The mast

Kim looks towards the land for a husband

Gary takes position at the Bow

One of the crew

The first beach we arrived at

Bombing into the water

Beautiful Island views

Crystal Clear water with fish

Pip snorkelling

Crazy people - Not from our tour I might add

Chris Posing for the camera

Ben relaxing by the rocks

Irun, our tour leader, and Ben

Our liferaft - I'm sure we'd squash 36 people in there if we had to

Arriving at another island

Tropical paradise

The masts

Chris and Pip near Paraty

Looking back to the town

The tide comes into the town and washes the streets

Beautiful buildingss

Local kids diving from the bridge


Looking down river

The fire at the beach party

One way to get to know each other - A ten person pyramid - Chris on the lower right

Irun throwing some shapes

Back in Paraty

Colourful doorways

The townsquare was a lovely space but sadly not well maintained

The bridge