103 - 7th March 2006 - Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Foz de Iguacu

These flowers dotter the roadside on the way to Sao Paolo


Bananas hanging at the rest stop

More of the flowers that covered the hills - Possibly Rhodedendron related?

The rest stop itself

Artwork in the market at Sao Paulo

The street Market

Theatro Municipal

Theatro Municipal

Beautiful fountain. The horses do seem to eject water from their noses however....and it smelt a bit dubious too.

Church in Central Sao Paulo


The Plaza

Inside the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral - Attendance is somewhat higher than in England

The entranceway

The MASP - Museum d'Arte Sao Paulo

View from the Edifico Italia

Night view as the glow rises up from the streets

and later on the city sparkles

Arty shot

Irun does his stretching excercises

Reservoir under moody clouds on the way to Curituba

The Cathedral of Curitiba

The altar

Very ornate decoration

More of the Altar


Out and about in Curitiba - The fountain

The bus stops are all a bit space age here

Tiled art work

Looking down towards the square

Moon rising as the sun sets

Irun makes it funky.

6am - After the night bus - we arrive at Foz de Iguacu

The Itaipu dam

Excess water - The turbines provide 95 percent of Paraguays electricity

The view from the top

The reservoir

Ben boards the helicopter to see the falls

On their return

Our turn!

Kim, Pip, and David before our flight

Looking down at the forests


The Devils Throat at the junction of Brazil (Bottom of picture) and Argentina (Top of Picture)

Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

Further downstream

Don't look down!!

Pip and David enjoying the flight

The river

Our pilot

I looked down

The river

Pip just after we landed - We liked it lots

Inside the bird park



This bird kept covering itself in dust


He was very friendly

There were several that came to say hello

Inside the Aviary

Iguana - Just lazing around

Butterfly in the Butterfly House

Taking a rest from flying


Spectacular Plumage

The sign outside - The Parque das Aves

The entrance to the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls

This is one screen reflected by mirrors - I thought it was quite clever.

The first view of the falls

Looking through the trees

Iguassu Falls

Chris at Iguassu Falls

More of the falls - There can be up to 275 cataracts depending on river flow

Iguassu Falls

Lots of rocks make good waterfalls

And there are plenty here

Looking towards Devils Throat

Tourists on the boat ride go right under the falls

The Brazilian view is quite panoramic

Looking towards Argentina

Through the trees

The walkway at the end of the Brazilian side

Lush greenery

The final view of the falls

Mini Rapids

More damp tourists

A heron hunts beneath a rainbow

The cataracts

Looking downstream

Looking into the Devils Throat

Chris at the Devils Throat - Iguassu Falls

The greenery covered cliffs give an extra sense of drama

The top of the falls

Looking down

The Brazilian Walkway