106 - 12th March 2006 - Tubing, Bonito

On our way to the river

winnie, trish, kim, janie, joseph

Sarah looks more excited than any of us

Chris plays it cool

Swimming against the current

Chris splashes about a bit

Pip does it with a lot more style


Ready to tackle the rapids

The first waterfall

The guide shows us how it's done

Adam goes for it

and ends up in the water


Jamie's feet

Jamie trying his best Superman impression

Winnie - Before

Winnie - After


Trish takes a tumble


Pip's turn

Chris holding on tight

Chris falls in the water

Coming up for air

Sarah tipped over backwards

But didn't let it get the better of her

Chris looks confident

Not one of us made it through the first one upright

Kim just takes it in her stride

and ploughs into the river

Chris taking it easy

Pip takes it easy

Winnie enjoying the ride


Pip enjoying the ride

Chris is victorious

Chris is drenched

But happy