107 - 13th March 2006 - Bonito

Heading for Bonito

Beautiful sunset

As I said...Beautiful Sunset

Bonito phoneboxes are all shaped like animals - A parrot

and a Cheetah

The Tubing Group - Adam, Shazza, Chris, Nicole, Winnie, Gary, Kim, Jamie, Sarah, Trish

Irun drinking from his 'Wolds Best Tour Guide' cup some of the group got for him - They got the spelling of World wrong though

Ofri taking a moment to relax

along with David

We saw this guy feeding fish - They jump right out of the water - At the local Park

Shazza making a splash about something or other

Gary relaxing in the cooling waters

Ben and Adam

Nice Hair David!!!!


Shazza doing her best Sloth impression

Incredibly clear water in the river

Trying the trick ourselves

David and Nicole about to cool off

They really can jump high

They seem to like cheesy wotsits and biscuits

But they can't half make a big splash!

Going for the biccy

She's not actually holding the fish - No fish were harmed in the making of these photos

Ben had a go at catching one though he never got one

Kim - Volleyball master

Adam playing with an invisible ball

Chris showing everyone how it's done

The group relax in the shade

Ben cooling off in the water