108 - 16th March 2006 - Bonito, Pantanal

A late night game of speed between Kim and Ofri

Swinging about in the hammocks - Me playing with the exposure settings on the camera

Kim beating Ofri

Pip and Chris set up their own game - Canasta

The decorations in Bonito

Bonito high street

One the way to the Pantanal - Dirt road

Breaking for lunch by this indoor fountain

Turtles in warm themselves in the beam of light

The Pantanal

The Pantanal is a huge wetland / swamp

Complete with Caiman

Piranha Fishing!

Fishing with Bamboo rods

Gary trying his luck

Bhanu makes the first catch of the day

Here's why you wouldn't want to fall in

Ben makes a catch

and looks very happy about it too

We all keep trying

and trying

Success!!! A teeny tiny catfish - Quite poisonous apparently so we put him back

Pip catches a Piranha!

And looks even happier than Ben!

Our catches

The wonderful wiring of South America - Don't touch the shower head!

Pantanal by night

A bat catching mosquitos

Our catch - Deep fried and ready to eat

Personally I prefer it when my food doesn't look at me when I eat it.

The waterlilies only open at night

But then they seem to glow

I didn't mean to get Chris in the shot but it's such a Levi ad pose that I just had to include it here

Ofri lining up for the break

On the bus to the farm - The blue ink is a fruit dye that lasts 10 days

Local wildlife - A Parrot

Some Alligators

Waiting for the other group to come back

It's a hard life

The Pantanal Swamps

The water level changes dramatically over the year

Ready to tackle the swamps

Can you tell I've never done this before? What gave it away?

Nicole and Sarah look much more comfortable

Ben on his horse

The treetops

Marching off to the swamp

And in we go!

Through the jungle

More swampland

I took my time at the back - None of this trotting / cantering / galloping lark for me

Through the undergrowth

The farm

The sun begins to set

Another beautiful sunset

Our transport had to cross some bridges without us aboard

Amazing clouds