109 - 20th March 2006 - Sucre, Bolivia

The other half of our group - A boat ride along the Miranda river in the Pantanal

The little black blob is a Monkey

Unidentified bird in a tree

There's a Kingfisher hidden in this picture somewhere

Chris in the Pantanal


Heron beginning to take flight

Caiman resting at the riverside

A stork by the side of the river

Fishermen displaying their catch to us

Village on the banks of the river

Nesting Stork

The Pantanal

One of our guides taking a dip in the river

The fishing village

Riverside flowers

Pousada del Lontra - Our accomodation

One of our guides resting in the sun

Waiting for the train - David puts on a smile

Chris puts on a look of terror

Adam, Winnie, Nicole, Kim and David

Our train to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz town square

The band at the restaurant we ate at that night

Putting the bags on the bus, literally, on the way to the airport.

We were delayed for 5 hours and then cancelled - Adam had the right idea

Winnie, David, Kim and Pip grinning through the boredom

David, Kim and Pip share a laugh

David - my own personal porter

Sharon and Gary

The square at Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Cathedral - Not very interesting inside unfortunately

The group share a laugh after dinner

Arriving at Sucre - Not our plane I might add - But the views were amazing

The airport

More of the Airport

Donkeys at Tarabuco

Monkey at Tarabuco market

Tarabuco Market

The clothes and weaving here are considered some of the finest in South America

There was a 'Cat Festival' on the day we were there

The costumes were very colourful

Some people didn't look so happy about it though

Tarabuco food market

More costumes

Colourful cloth

The crowd watching the parade

More colour

The weaving here is incredibly colourful

Man playing a flute in the festival

They like their hats over here in Bolivia

Watching from their balcony

The clock tower - The stones laid out on the mountainside read 'Bienvenidos a Tarabuco' - Welcome to Tarabuco

One of the old heroes of Tarabuco although a bit gruesome - his tribe was known as the heart eaters

Bhanu, Ben and Sharon

David shows off his new Poncho

David and Ben

Kim drinking Coca tea with pinky out and finger puppet in place

The view from the top of the hill

Donkeys resting

Old man climbing the hill to the village

Donkey grazing

The railroad runs through the hills but seems to be out of use

Beautiful scenery

More of Bolivia

House on a Bolivian Hillside

The sky seems to go on forever up here

The little construction is a clay oven

Sheep rounding the corner of a farmhouse

Beautiful Bolivia

More locals


Nicole has a quick nap - I'm sure she'll be delighted that we've posted this shot on the web :-)

Typical Bolivian countryside construction

Arriving at the Hotel Independencia in Sucre