110 - 20th March 2006 - Sucre, Bolivia - Mountain Biking

An old shot from the Rio Carnival - Local bloco

The band itself - Samba

The float passing down the street

Sucre - At the dinosaur footprints

'You're a Dinosaur - Grraaahhh!' - Chris, Ben, Adam, and Me

Footprints on the limestone wall

More footprints

Our guide, Ben and Adam try to spot prints

The wall is almost vertical - Pushed up by thousands of years worth of geological forces

They think that the Dinosaurs used to walk in lines a bit like elephants

The guide explaining some finer points about algae

The wavy layers are likely to be from former lakes

Fossilised algae

Cracked walls

Dinosaur crossroads

The wall in full

Close up of a print

Ben with hand out for size comparison

I do the same

Looking at the prints in detail

The amazing view

Some of the prints were huge

The road less cycled

Ben Adam and Chris

Riding through the Bolivian mountains

All four of us

This tree seemed to be growing all on its own in the middle of nowhere

The local pit stop - House turned drinks vendor

Guide 1 (I'll try and get their names), Chris, Guide 2, and Adam taking a rest

Donkey on the dry river bed

Chris - not even breaking a sweat

Arriving at the river - deserted bikes

Ben and Chris take a break

Adam takes a break

Pigs just wander by at will

Lady and child crossing the bridge

Looking down through the valleys

Amazing views