111 - 22nd March 2006 - Potosi - Mining Excursion

Miner Kim

Miner Gary

Miner Sharon

Miner Chris

Bhanu, Gary, Chris, Pip, Kim & Sharon

Our guide - Obbit


Demonstrating how to put the fuse into the dynamite to make an explosion

Chris & the dynamite

The “shop” we bought our dynamite from

We also bought coca leaves and cigarettes for the miners

the miners market where they get all of their supplies

buying coca leaves

view from the market, the mines are behind the cloud

street near the miners market in Potosi

view from the mineral extraction factory

part of the extraction process is warming the metals up

and separating them

the factory doorway

Health and safety eat your heart out....

extracting machine

molten silver

molten zinc

silver at the top, zinc at the bottom

view of Potosi

pigs in potosi

Pip doing a LaLa impression

ammonium nitrate, stick of dynamite (nitro glycerine), 1 minute fuse wire

we took the dynamite out of the paper

rolled it into a ball

wrapped the paper back around to keep it enclosed

put the fuse wire in the top and then into the bag with the ammonium nitrate

kim making her explosive

Gary with his



the bomb squad!

we then lit them and scarpered up the hill - the guide said the fuse would be about 5 minutes, however realistically it was 1 and my one went off as we were climbing back up the hill! oops!

I guess this tourist didn't get away quick enough!

getting out of the way of the explosions


the guide and sharon after our explosions

inside the mine

Chris mining

we spent about an hour and a half inside and were glad to get back to fresh air