113 - 23rd March 2006 - Potosi to Uyuni Bus Ride

The bus ride from Potosi to Uyuni was particularly stunning

Many of these constructions are to be found along the way

The train line winding it's way through the hills

You could see for hundreds of miles in every direction

Winding roads

The stream where we stopped for a rest

Another bus winding it's way through the hills

Llama stopping for a drink

More scenery

The rainy season is still going on so we had to drive through several rivers

Llamas on the plains

I can image that this place would be geologists dream

Chicken roosting in one of the derelict buildings

Lunch stop - Thankfully we brought our own

The hills look like marble at times

Two lorries blocking the road - we had to go offroad to get around them

Our bus

Another bus - The lorry in the background was stuck too - and one of the locals

Nothingness for miles

Rolling hills

Finally we arrive at Uyuni - Our hotel