114 - 24th March 2006 - Salar de Uyuni - Day 1

the train cemetary

kindof like scrapheap challenge

with lots of old parts of trains


but with some good views

pip and david by the train

bit of a train

adam, gary, nicole, pip and david go for a climb


gary on top of the train

view from the top

and the other direction!

chris playing on the train

local wildlife

more cool train shots

the road to the salt flats

Ofri and Bhanu at the market

the market in uyuni

heading out to the salf flats

Our guide Browlio explains how the salt gets from the flats to the table

the factory where the salt is heated and bagged

the fire for heating

refining the salf

bagging the salt

salt goods market, everything from dice to ashtrays

david made a friend in the salt sculpture museum

salt sculpture

pip in the salt museum

salt sculpture

nicole also made a friend

baby Llama

the salt wasn't that stable and sometimes you lost your foot

Chris and Nicole






the salt flat

the workers make these salt pyramids, which then are left to dry

before a truck somes along and collects them all up

salt pyramid

washing the salt from his shoes!

chris and pip on the salt flat

the “eye” where sulphur bubbles through the salt

bubble, bubble

Ofri decides to take a spin on top of his jeep

driving across the salt flat

the salt hotel we stay at for lunch

exiting the salt hotel

flags outside the salt hotel

irun doing a karate kid pose

all the boys pose on the pyramids, chris, david, adam, jamie, gary, ben and irun

all the girls, sharon, pip, bhanu, trish, sarah and winnie

no traffic problems out here!

no lanes really either!

the salt makes cool hexaganol patterns

blue and white

Chris and his Salta beer

Chris and Adam


Chris and Sarah

The group - Trish, irun, jamie, bhanu, gary, winnie, ben, ofri, sarah, pip, chris, adam, nicole, chris, kim, david and sharon

no horizon

car advert

salt flat

Playing with perspective is fun

upside down shot

Chris, adam, ben and david decide some country dancing is in order


close up

salt close up

the water was quite deep in places

so there was a road of sorts

cacti island

road to the salt hotel

sort rest stop


devils cave and tourist attraction

Chris catched a skittle whilst waiting for the others

devils cave

Devils Cave is an Ancient cemetary

mountains surround the salt flats

so the scenery is quite spectacular


galaxy cave

inside the galaxy cave

galaxy cave

close up

view from outside the galaxy cave

chris ponders where the nearest bar is

from the top of the island


and again

we watch the sunset from the top of the jeeps, ofri and chris

i'm sure it will be back tomorrow

but it is pretty


the salt hotel only has electricity from 7.30-9.30pm, otherwise it is candlelight and torches

the stars are amazing - orion on the left

the stars and the salt hotel