115 - 25th March 2006 - Salar de Uyuni - Day 2

sweet packets require a lot of concentration to open, even in Bolivia

our salt hotel

made entirely of salt

the road to nowhere

there were six to a jeep, adam, gary, nicole, chris and chris

in the salar there is no horizon

just open white space and reflections

it's amazing

fish island has loads of cacti

ranging from a few hundred to 1500 years old

it is about 3800m above sea level

with very good views

and no McD's in sight!




large cacti

the island was volcanic and so has some cool rock formations

aswell as the views

jeep race


nicole and david



and clouds

and more salt

and clouds

adam decided to build a balancing rock statue (remember the canada photos?)

adam and his inukshuc

the balancing rock statue of fish island

such a nice view

the white beach

Llama bbq

animal - kindof a cross between a rabbit and a squirrel

the salt flats

sparkling salt

fish island

Chris in the Salar

cool reflections

playing in the salt fields, ofri, chris, david and chris

adam, nicole and irun

nicole and pip

now where did that land go?

us in the salt flats

irun and bhanu


sarah, david, trish, jamie, pip and ben

sharon, winnie, adam, trish, jamie, david, bhanu, sarah, ben, gary,

the jeeps