119 - 5th April 2006 - Sacsaywaman, Pisac, Ollantaytambo

The Cathedral in Cuzco

looking arty

Cathedral on the Plaza des Armes

Spanish built in 1500s

Fountain in the middle of the Plaza des Armes

At the bottom of Avenida de Sol in Cuzco

the other side, you could walk behind the water as well

statue of inka leader


and the other side

Bhanu, Catherine, Trish and Jamie enjoying a meal at Cicciloni's

Sarah and Kin

Trish, Jamie, Sharon, Ben and Winnie

Dried chilli's

Ben enjoying his sandwich

Saqsaywaman ruins just outside Cuzco

Inca royal style without mortor

saqsaywaman ruins

close up

Winnie in the trapezium doorway

the ruins

they were very large

unfinished though, as the Spanish came

so the inka people had to flee

local with Llama

the river follows the road to Pisac


From the top of the Pisac ruins

The cities were built on the side of the mountains for protection

and good views

this is where the agricultural people would live, on the outskirts

water was essential for living and so channels are found in all inca ruin sites

this is the cemetary, not underground, but on the side of a mountain, the bodies were mummified of sorts and placed in the foetal position before being wrapped in blankets and sealed into the mountain side

the terraces

the old town

with the view again

so clever

bird's eye view

not sure why the road was so windy though....

always trapeziums

we climbed up the mountain

the ruins at Pisac includes what is thought to be a sun temple

as well as the town

this was probably used by the priests

when they weren't worshipping the sun

The imperial style with perfectly shaped blocks and no mortar was reserved for the most important buildings