120 - 6th April 2006 - Ollantaytambo School Huilloc

We visited a school in Huilloc

whilst Chris did day one of the Inca Trek

The school is about 40 minutes from Ollyantatambo, where we were staying

the kids were very cute

and enjoyed the balloons, pens, paper and stickers we took them

Their english was better than our spanish

so we were able to communicate a little

Miguel was especially inquisitive

the school was in the middle of the mountains with the fog coming in

the kids were amazed by the camera's

although, some weren't too bothered by it all!

so cute and colourful

they ranged from ages 4 to 13

no such thing as a school uniform here

just each kid for themselves

peace to all

just adorable

the playground was a free-for-all

but the classrooms were relatively organised

Sarah took individual pictures so that we could print them and send them back to the school

as a thank you for letting us visit

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