122 - 9th April 2006 - Maccu Piccu - Day 1

Ruins as seen from the train

The train to Maccu Piccu town - Formerly and better known as Aguas Calientes

The church in the middle of Maccu Piccu town

The river running through the town

Llama at Maccu Piccu

The famous ruins of Maccu Piccu - Waynapiccu is the mountain in the back

The mist closing in around the Andes

The Inca Bridge - They used to lift up the planks and use the gap as a kind of drawbridge - This is one of only two routes into Maccu Piccu - The other is the Inca trail

Pip at Maccu Piccu - Chris was still on the Inca trail at this point

The terraces - The buildings in the background had been restored to show the site as it would have been

Birdlife of Maccu Piccu

Llamas are free to roam the site - They act as free lawnmowers

The condor temple - The incas had three sacred animals - The condor, The Puma, and the Snake. They correspond to the Air, Ground, and Underworld

Red legged millipede

Llamas on the main plaza

Walking through the old town

Maccu Piccu as seen from Wayna Piccu - Maccu Piccu means Old Maountain - Wayna Piccu means Young Mountain

Sarah on the way down from Wayna Piccu

Steep steps

Like a mini Inca Trail but probably steeper

One of the restored buildings

Stone at the gate of Wayna Piccu