123 - 10th April 2006 - Maccu Piccu - Day 2

The two little notches in the middle of the V are the Sun Gate - Where the Inca Trail should have brought us

Morning mist rising over Maccu Piccu

Maccu Piccu - Day 2

The mist began to clear and gave us a very clear morning

The sun begins to rise

The sun rising over the Andes

Pepe showing us the incredible architectural work of the Incas - They combined their stonework directly into the mountain

Sun striking the terraces

The tree is only about 30 years old - Wayna Piccu in the background being lit by the sunrise

The Sun Temple - There are two windows - One aligned with the Summer Solstice - One with the Winter Solstice

The back of the temple - Hiram Bingham, rediscoverer of Maccu Piccu, called it the most perfect wall in the whole of the Americas

A clear morning at Maccu Piccu - Photographs give no sense of the size of the site - It is huge

The shadow of the mountains

Sunrise through the only tree on Maccu Piccu

The temple of the three windows

The sundial - The only Incan sundial in one piece - The spanish destroyed all the others but never found Maccu Piccu

In the V directly in front is the Sun Gate where the sun rises at the beginning of Summer

These rabbit like creatures were standing on the hillside

Known as the windy place - This building stays cool even in incredibly hot sun

Pip, Stephen, Chris, Sarah, Bhanu, Richard, Sarah, Kim and Catherine at Maccu Piccu

Maccu Piccu with Wayna Piccu

Sacrificial Altar pointed at another V in the mountain where the sun rises at the beginning of Winter

We walked back up the Inca Trail towards the Sun Gate - There were several other temples on the way - This one possibly in the shape of a snakes head?

The view from one of the temples - The famous view from near the Sun Gate

But we couldn't get any further - Apparently a mud slide is regarded as Conservation in Peru

This is the mud slide that blocked the way - You can see the trail near the top of the picture

Maccu Piccu

Yet another altar

One of the local residents

Another temple - This one a puma perhaps?

Maccu Piccu

More local wildlife

Pip at the gate of Maccu Piccu

Llama in the temple

Llama above one of the sacred temples

The foundations of many of the buildings were not strong enough - You can see on the right that the temple is sinking

Llama and the andes

Looking up at the temple of the three windows

Another altar aligned with the solstice - The three steps represented the Underworld, Earth and Sky

More Llamas

Yet another altar - The Incas thought that sacrificing animals would entice the sun back to the sun gate to begin summer again

Llama wandering around the steps

Back in the town - Statue of Pachacuteq - The Ninth and greatest Inca

The Urubamba river is probably the roughest river I have ever seen

Arriving back at Cusco

Preparations for the parade beginning

No matter where you go in the world you'll always find a VW Beetle

The famous 12 angle rock - Possibly the most complex piece of architecture the Incas performed - There is no mortar between the stones

A window in Cusco

Back to the start of the day on the other camera - Sunrise

The landslide in full - It will probably be another two months before anyone can complete the Inca Trail again

Chris at Maccu Piccu


Incredible building skills - Directly integrated with the mountain

Wayna Piccu lit by the Sunrise

Sun striking the terraces

Wayna Piccu peeking out from behind the Sun Temple

Chris and Wayna Piccu

The Andes

Sun rising above Maccu Piccu

The Sundial also acted as a compass - The four corners align with the four cardinal points

The plaza

Mising rising through Maccu Piccu

The Incans constructed their buildings using trapeziums - They never invented the arch

Al and Yvette at Maccu Piccu

Maccu Piccu

As far as we could get up the Inca Trail - The last temple

Another altar

Halfway to the Sun Gate

Chris in the Andes

Maccu Piccu as seen from the ruins

The Andes

Chris and Maccu PIccu

Pip and Chris and Maccu Piccu

Maccu Piccu

Chris and Maccu Piccu

The Watchmans House

Looking out from the windy place near the Sun Temple - Cool even in hot sun

Fountain at the Sun temple - This is the third of sixteen - The first two are roped off inside the sun temple

More incredible stonework - Carved straight out of the mountain

The switchback road that leads down to Maccu Piccu town