124 - 12th April 2006 - Arequipa - Santa Catalina Convent

Arriving in Arequipa - Our LAN Peru jet

Santa Catalina Convent in Arequipa

They opened the convent late so we could have a tour

The convent was only opened to the public in 1998 and so retains much of the original colonial character

Version of 'The Last Supper' made by the nuns of the convent

The walls were incredibly colourful

Beautiful Architecture

Looking into one of the courtyards

The nuns lead a simple life

An altar in one of the chapels

The Orange Sector - Named after the trees rather than the walls

Detail on the pillars

The Orange Sector

One of the old kitchens - The nuns used to have maids

Looking out onto the street

Security is still an issue

More colourful walls

The roof of the church

The longest street - It is like a city within the city

More streets

The old laundry room - Water runs down from the top into the bowls at the side which were plugged by

Rose from the rose garden

The rose garden

Bright walls

Intricate woodwork on the doors

These plants were placed everywhere and gave it a real character

One of the many fountains in the complex

The volcanoes in the distance - One is still active

Pigeon wondering if he could fly to the moon

The bed of the main nun from the complexes past - This is a real bed of nails that she used to sleep on for self punishment

A portait of said nun. She was canonised and needs 2 more miracles to be a saint

Close up of one of the flowers

Tree in the courtyard

At the hostel

More flowers at the hostel - It was very well tended

More hostel flowers