125 - 13th April 2006 - Colca Canyon

Heading towards Colca Canyon on the bumpiest bus ride in history

Mount Misty - One of three active volcanoes in the area

Harsh rock formations - Halfway to Colca Canyon

Vicunas - Like llamas but fluffier

Local child enjoying the attention of the tourists

Looking across to the mountains - This is where the Incan Mummy Juanita was found

Tariq - Our tour guide for two days

Decorated Llamas

Chris and the tour bus

The highest point on our entire tour - 4900m above sea level

The air was very thin up here

We named this keyring Betty - Our hotel key

The view from our room - Local farmland

Colca Canyon - The deepest canyon in the world

Colca Canyon - Home of the condor

Our first sighting

Getting closer

Bird sitting on a local plant

Colca Canyon - Quite impressive, but after a 7 hour bus journey - Not so enthralling

This one came really close - They can have a 3m wingspan


Looking back across the valley

Chivay Church with a cross on the hillside behind