126 - 14th April 2006 - Nazca

Our little 5 seater plane to see the Nazca lines

Inside the cockpit - Complete with car stereo

Heading down the runway

and up into the air

Triangle shapes

Spiky trapezoid - I had to enhance these photos to make things easier to see - It was incredibly bright

The 'Spaceman'

The Monkey

The Dog

The Condor - Some of these lines are hundreds of meters wide

The Spider

Our pilot checking his watch

Hard to see these ones and I can't remember what they were

The Hummingbird

Heading back to the runway

This one is known as Alcatraz

The parrot

The Hands

The Tree

The Whale

Miscellaneous lines


Our transport for the next day was in old American Cars


American engineering at its best

Richard getting ready for the ride

Wheel - Not sure why, I just liked the colours

and we're off!

Chris at the Nazca lines viewing tower with the Hands behind

The road to Nazca

The tower - Just 1 sole (Peruvian currency) to climb

The road to Pisco

James taking a quick break