127 - 15th April 2006 - Chauchilla Cemetary

The white spots are actually Cochineal beetles

These beetles are the source of many Red dyes - Including those found in lipstick and cosmetics

These owls live in burrows under the desert

The hills in the area are rich in iron - Hence the orangey tone

The first mummy we saw - and yes that is his hair strung up above him

These graves were assigned to families

Though sometimes they were arranged by profession

Close up of one of the mummies

Grave with two mummies

It wasn't really that pleasant - but interesting

Sadly, many of the graves in this important archaeological site were raided by grave robbers - There are quite a few human bones just lying around on the sand

Another grave

Another grave

The desert of Chauchilla

Three mummies in a grave - They were wrapped in cotton and then seven layers of ponchos - Often brightly coloured

Femur bone in the sand

Bob Marley

The Chauchillans were surprisingly tall - Perhaps up to 6ft

This man was buried with his pet parrot

Chauchilla Cemetary

One of the best preserved mummies on display in the museum

Pottery display back in the village

You can tell we were impressed

Painting is hard