128 - 16th April 2006 - Hauacanaca Oasis - Ballestas Islands

The Inca Head rock formation

Looking back down into the valley of the Rio Grande

Heading out into the desert

Tommy Cooper Peru - “Just. Like. That.” - He was lovely, but bloody awful

The lagoon - The sand dunes here are some of the largest in the world - Lots of the group went Sandboarding

The lagoon as the sun set

Sandboarders up on the hill

Waiting to head out to the Ballestas Islands - Pelicans

On board the boat wearing our lifejackets - It's like trying to wear lego

Heading out to sea

The brightly coloured peninsula

Turquoise Waters

Our guide

Beautiful scenery

The Candelabra

Arriving at the Ballestas Islands

You are not allowed to set foot on the islands

The rocks were covered in birds such as Penguins

and Comorants

Pilotwings anyone - Geeky Nintendo 64 joke

The islands have so many birds that it is used as a 'factory' for guano for fertilisers

There are thousands of birds here

Red necked vultures

Impressive Rock Formations

This little bird is unique to these islands

Birds wheeling overhead


Rough Waters

Sealions enjoying the weather

The scenery seems quite unique

Content Sealion

but with a bit of an itchy nose

Sealion coming to say hello

Hundreds of Sealions on the shore - One of the main breeding grounds

Sealions playing in the water

Heading through the tunnel

Another bird unique to Peru

More Sealions - There were hundreds of them

They get quite competitive

Wot are you lookin at?

This one was cute

The large ones are the males

More of the scenery

A sculpture back on land