130 - 19th April 2006 - Huanchaco - Chan Chan Mud City - Temple of the Moon

Huanchaco main plaza

Chan Chan Mud City

one of the main plaza's within the city

Our tour guide gives us a detailed tour

This is one of 6 original carvings around the wall

Doorway out of the plaza

Two statues guard the important peoples entrance

Close up of one of the statues

Much of the site has been restored to its former glory

Whilst other sections have been left

Fish motif in the next corridor - Restored above the line, left to the elements below. Pelicans underneath.

These patterns were thought to represent fishing nets - The site is by the ocean

Looking out across the site

More fishing net motifs

The pelican features quite heavily in the decorations

Here the pelicans have been stylised

One of the long streets in the city

The well that provided water for the city. There were dragonflies hovering around.

We all look so enthralled

One of the original walls - Note the inward slant that provided extra stability in case of earthquakes

The royal tomb

Pip at Chan Chan Mud Ruins

Another guard statue

Arty shot

These huts were used as storage

The holes in the walls were also used for storage

Hairless dog that is quite common in this area

Carvings at the Moon Temple

Restored carvings

Warrior duck pottery found at the site

Owl nesting in the rafters

Looking out over the old city to the Temple of the Sun

Look a' tha' funny dog. Khe's got no khair.

Sacrificial Altar

They were quite keen fishermen

Spider Temple

More intricate decorations

The beach at Huanchaco