135 - 27th April 2006 - Amazon Basin - Day 1

Leaving France Amazonia and climbing down the steps to the Rio Napa and our boat

It looks quite jungly

Chris smiling on the boat - before we realised there was a tarantula aboard

Small huts on the riverside

Our boat companion.

Heading into the Jungle for our trek

It was a little on the muddy side

Chris in the jungle. Snazzy hat huh?

Daniel, our guide, explaining about the uses of various plants

The ants have been busy with this one

The underside of a huge leaf

Horned spider

Bug thing


There are six different sub species of this plant in the jungle

A tree that uses spikes to protect itself


Nice viewpoint of the river

Interesting texture

Pip in the Jungle

Salamander in the process of changing it's colour

Fruits of the forest

No gateaux though

It's just like Return of the Jedi

Punting along

Old lady at the lodge setting up some fishing lines

The lodge parrot

Eating some pineapple

Chris preparing to go tubing

Kid on the boat

Kathering doesn't look to excited about the prospect

Enduring the rain. We were about to get wet anyway

Bhanu and Sarah set sail

The water was very fast flowing

Daniel wasn't going to let them stay dry though

Irun on the water

Kathering settles in

Jungle river

Daniel making sure that Sarah and Bhanu haven't dried out in the mean time

Chris tubing

Still tubing.

Heading off downstream

Back at the lodge

The river

The parrot coming to investigate the hammock

and getting in a bit of a flap over it