136 - 28th April 2006 - Amazon Basin - Day 2

Desi being purified

He had a massive hangover

It didn't cure it though

Smiling Shamen

The Shamen's village

One of the young inhabitants

Irun and one of our guides

This is what chocolate looks like before it's chocolate

Daniel making a crown or two

Look at the concentration

King Chris of Amazonia

Termite nest in the tree

Fruits of the forest

Prince Chris

Our canoe

Punting away

Our lodge

The hammocks

Waving goodbye

The whole crew - a lot happier without the tarantula

At the museum - An example of a tribal trap

A model of one of their boats

Irun trying his hand with a blow dart

Blowdart launchers

Local flora

Monkey at the reserve


Another breed of tucan


Just lazing around

Squirrel Monkey

One of about 20 turtles at the site

Ocelot enclosure - They used to be someone's pet

This coatie followed us around

Parrot enclosure

Desi pulled

Monkey on the river bank

This man can sleep anywhere

Leaving Mishualli