139 - 4th May 2006 - Galapagos - Balta, Santa Cruz, Highlands

Leaving the mainlain. This wasn't actually our plane

Our first sight of the Galapagos Islands

Private Plane

The crystal clear waters

Getting on the ferry from Baltra to Santa Cruz

That arrow is a Blue Footed Boobie diving to catch a fish

Santa Cruz Harbour

Pelican on top of our ship

Puffer fish in the water below

Sally Lightfoot Crabs - I'm quite fond of these

Our first Giant Tprtoise sighting


Coffee Beans



Nigels claws

Er. Maureen

This one can be called Daisy


Donald and Daisy

Yellow bird washing itself in the lagoon

Taking a bath

Entering the lava caves

The cavern was formed by molten lava

Exiting the cavern

Sunset after a great first day