140 - 5th May 2006 - AM - Galapagos - North Seymour, Baltra

Sea Lion on North Seymour Island

Resting in the sun

Sally Lightfoot Crab - Underneath they are quite a bright blue

Our panga returning to our ship - The Cruz del Sur (Southern Cross)

Crab Close Up

More sea lions

And another

Land Iguana warming himself in the sun

Blue Footed Boobie guarding the nest

This one is a male - They share the nesting resposibilities equally

Red Throated Frigate bird flying overhead

Land Iguana #2

Land Lizard - They can lose and regrow their tail 3 times

Frigate Bird

Blue Footed Boobie

North Seymour Island

The whole of the Galapagos Islands are built on Volcanic Rock

Two Blue Footed Boobies - The one on the right with the smaller pupil in the eye is the male

A jealous male looks on as another male displays his impressive wingspan to the female

Frigate Bird

Frigate Birds

Sarah gets startled during a Boobie take off

Juvenile Frigate Bird

Chris and a Frigate Bird - Please excuse the stupid hat, I left my other one in Quito

Close up of a Frigate Bird

Blue Footed Boobie

More sea lions - They were everywhere

Chris and a Sea Lion

Chris and Pip and a sea lion

Another sea lion - We liked them. You may be able to tell

Frigate Bird

Frigate Bird

Marine Iguanas

They sun themselves to regulate body temperature

They can digest food more easily when they reach certain temperatures

So they find a good spot to sunbathe

Water crashing on the rocks

Nursing sea lion

Looking out to sea


Our boat is the one on the right

Another sea lion shot

Pelican flying overhead

How cute!

Back to our ship

Pelicans lingering outside the kitchen

The beach at Baltra

Pelican preening himself

Looking out to sea

Going for a stroll in the water - I have no idea who he was

This guy was hogging all the shade

One of the Pangas bringing folks back to the ship