142 - 6th May 2006 - Galapagos - Bartolome Island

This guy found his way into one of our pangas in the evening

Sunrise on Bartolome Island

and what a sunrise it was

Lava shrubs

Pinnacle rock

Walking up to the lighthouse

This cactus can grow on lava rocks - They found new sprouts just 15 days after the eruption

Pip on Bartolome

It is quite a charaterful place

You can see the shape of a lava crater in the ocean below

Victor enjoying the view

Some of the plants are incredibly resilient

Hawks at the beach

A whole group of lightfoot crabs

Reef shark patrolling the shore

The beach in full

More crabs

Pinnacle Rock and the ships in the bay

A whole host of Blue Footed Boobies

A pelican in their midst

Entering the mangrove area - You can see the high tide level on the branches

Rowing the pangas into the mangroves - engines are prohibited

There's a turtle in there somewhere

There he is! Coming up for air

All is quiet

Rissel explains about the wildlife

Lava Heron

Blue Heron

Some other type of heron

Back at the boat - Birds expecting leftovers from the kitchen

Frigate birds

I just like this shot

Pelican in the water

More blue footed boobies - There were hundreds of them

Diving in to catch lunch

They are very effiicient fishers