143 - 7th May 2006 - AM - Galapagos - South Plaza Island

Waking at South Plaza Island - The view from the porthole

Sea Lions again

Nursing Youngster

Land Iguanas

Chris saying good morning to a sea lion

Chris and a land iguana

Coming over to say hi

Two Land Iguanas

Our new guide - Raphael. Rissel had to go to hospital.

Pip and a sea lion

Lava Lizard

A Darwin Finch - These guys are what started the Evolution theory

Crawling purposefully over the rocks

Lazing in the sun

Is it me or is he smiling?

Land Iguana

Prickly Pear Cactus

The land formation

Having a bit of a scratch

Looking back to the boat

Chris on South Plaza Island

Beautiful Weather

A curious sea lion pup goes to investige a land iguana

Two sea lions

Getting closer

They identify each other by smell

Land Iguana

Sea Lion #341902

Male bull sea lion in the bachelor area

Ruffling up her feathers - A Swallow Tailed Gull

Much nicer than the horrible ones on Brighton Beach

Pip on South Plaza

Fasten your seatbelts ready for take off

Chris at South Plaza

Sarah and a crab shell

Crabs can back out of their shells - leaving it in one piece

The shell in full

Land Iguana

Close up

Galapagos Coastline

Lunch time!

Having another scratch

Playing in the water - Loads of Sea Lions