146 - 9th May 2006 - Galapagos - Espanola

Hood Mockingbird

The beach at Gardiner Bay, Espanola Island - Wonderfully soft sand

Marine Iguanas

Enjoying the sunshine

Mmmmmm. Cosy lava rocks.

Chris and some Marine Iguanas

Going for a swim - The first marine iguana we have seen in the water

They propel themselves using their tail

Lava Heron hunting

More marine iguanas

Mockingbird and Iguana

Lining up for the photoshoot

Marine Iguanas look less smug than their land counterparts

Hood Mockingbird

Marine Iguana Party

Suarez Point

Female Lava Lizard

Iguana nest

Blue Footed Boobie and Eggs

Our first Masked Boobie sighting

Sea Lion who has found some shade

Masked Boobie


Masked Boobie in full

The sun was very bright indeed

Galapagos Hawk

Blue Footed Boobie and her chicks

Albatross - Huge and clumsy on land, beautiful in the air

Blue Footed Boobie pairing - They mate for life

Showing off the wingspan

Do you think this nail varnish is my colour?

Chirs on Espanola

Chris and a Blue Footed Boobie

An oceanic blow hole - this happens with every surge of the ocean

Albatross in full slpendour

A pair of albatross

Chris enjoying the sun

Albatross in flight - Impressive

So you cover your eyes like this and count to 100 ...

Clear tide pool below the cliff

Looking out to sea

Albatross and egg

Close up of an albatross - Look how smooth the feathers are

Sally lightfoot crab and marine iguana

Juvenile marine iguana

Watching the sunset from the panga