147 - 10th May 2006 - Galapagos - Floreana

Floreana Beach

Sea lions lazing under the rocks

Sea Urchins washed up on the beach

Lava crystals - Minerals under the sand - Green and Brown Gems

Flamingo Lagoon

Flamingos in the lagoon

Flamingo Lagoon - Brackish water means lots of shrimps which the Flamingos eat and which give them their pink colour

Burning wood from this tree smells nice and wards off mosquitos


Close Up

The flamingos leave a pattern of trails where they have waded

Turtle nests

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Turtle Tracks

Penguin near Post Office Bay


Galapagos Penguin enjoying the shade

Panga at Post Office Bay

View from Baroness Point

A baroness turned up here one day with plans to build a hotel - Thankfully she disappeared

The group

Pip at Baroness Point

The Post Office Barrel

People leave behind mail for other travellers to deliver

Chris wading in the cool waters