149 - 17th June 2006 - Quito

Back on our travels again

Heading towards Miami

The Basilica in Quito

Grand Plaza - Beautiful but heavily guarded by the army

Grand Plaza

Elaborate Steeple

San Francisco Church and Plaza

The Other Plaza

Our hostel room at the Magic Bean

and for an extra 40$ a night - our room at the Eugenica

Nice bathroom

The view from our window

The barriers at the Eugenia were very elaborate

Pip's pud at the Metro Cafe

Our hotel

More elaborate iron work

Candles in the hallways

Pip at the Eugenia Hotel

A good place to relax through the jetlag

At the base of the TeleferiQo

Pip with Quito behind her

4100 m above sea level

Chris and Quito

The TeleferiQo itself - the cable car

Coming in to the station

and on it's way back out again

Chris and a Cable Car

More Quito

Oxygen bar. Why breathe it for free when you can inhale through coloured liquids and pay for it?

Flower garden in the TeleferiQo site

The cable car winding its way up the hill

Strange art work on Reina Victoria - we think it's a clock of some kind - it moves.