151 - 18th June 2006 - Orongo, Ranu Kau Volcano, Trail to Ahu Tahai

The church in Hanga Roa - Note the horses outside where people have ridden to church

We named these two Rapa....

and Nui - Two stray dogs that followed us back to the hostel and would not go away

This recreation was in someones back yard

Moody skies at Orongo

The bigger island is Moto Nui - The location for the bird man event

An example of how the houses were built

A house entrance

The layout of the village

Birdman carvings

The chiefs of each tribe would swim out to Moto Nui - The first to bring back an egg of the sooty tern that nests there was declared the winner and went into solitude for a year.

Chris at Orongo crater - There's a backpack under the jacket in case you were wondering

The village was only used seasonally during the competition

Orongo Crater - Complete with rotting vegetation in the water - but quite beautiful. You can stand on the vegetation in places.

Looking out across the whole island to Poike hill on the far side - 21 miles away

Looking out to sea over the crater, it's been worn down over the years

More Birdman carvings

Chris at the crater of Rano Kau

Nice isn't it

Looking back towards the town

We walked the four kilometers back

It was a very nice walk

But a bit overgrown as it is low season and not really used much

Palm trees in a clearing

The whole island used to be rainforest

These stone constructions are called Manavai

They act as shields from the wind and catch water to aid cultivation

This plant is extinct 'in the wild' - they are trying to reintroduce it - Toromiro

The rocky coast of Easter Island

We walked from the top of that hill!

Rocky coastlines are very nice to look at though

Chris on Easter Island

Big wave!!!!

It made some great splashes

Smile and wave - geddit? Wave?

Crazy Fisherman



More nice waves

Nice rock tunnel

The waves were huge and began breaking about a hundred meters out from the shore

As you may be able to tell. We like it a lot

Windy day on Easter Island - and a hand sculpture

The harbour

Random Moai by the harbour

Ahu Riata

Another dog came and adopted us here - but we didn't get a photo.

Sunny day

Chris walking along the coast

More waves

Afro tree hair

Horses - The football field was over the road and this was spectators transport

The football match

The shops on the right are dive centers

So much for not sitting on the Ahus

The road into town

Imitation Moai

Quite well done but much smaller than the real thing

Carvings on the rear

Nice light

Ahu Tahai

Ahu Tahai - We came here to watch the sun set

This one has had some new eyes made - The originals were made of coral

More Ahu

All three Ahu at the site, just on the outskirts of town

We thought we were in for a superb sun set

and it lasted for a while

Then the clouds came over

and it started to rain

Pip at the Ahu

There there, a little rain won't hurt you

But squishing your head might!

Pink clouds

The cemetary