163 - 2nd July 2006 - Paihai and Russell and Waitangi

Not a bad view to wake up to!

Morning sun in the bay

Sparkling Water


These guys were everywhere in the Bay of Islands

They were swimming around our ferry

They came pretty close to us

In groups

Boat Racing


In the museum - Canoe

A replica of Captain Cooks ship - The Endeavour

The Christ Church - The first in New Zealand


Rose at the Pompallier

Approaching the Pompallier

View from the top window

Inside the attic

Printing Case - Each compartment stores a letter - small letters at the bottom, capital letters at the top - hence Lower Case and Upper Case letters

A coin - used to compile the letters together - hence the term - to coin a phrase

The proofing press

View from the balcony

Sewing the spine together

Shaping the book

Leather bound

The main press

The tanning area out the back

Pip outside the Pompallier

The Pompallier House

Russel Beach

The Kings Fast Ferry - 5 minutes to Paihia

At Waitangi

The cafe

Huge war canoe

It was carved from this former tree

Decoration on the side

The intricate head / tail piece (I'm not sure which)

The whole canoe

Carving on the building

The view into the Bay of Islands

This flag marks the approximate spot where the treaty of Waitangi was signed

The treaty between the Maori and the British brought New Zealand into British hands

James Busby's house - a recreation

Not sure what this bird is but I liked his head feather

Sunset at Waitangi


Restaurant by the river