164 - 3rd July 2006 - Waitangi, Kirikiri, and Scenic Drive

Morning mist at the campsite

Back at Waitangi

Inside the Maori Meeting House

Intricate Carvings

We had to take our shoes off to come inside this building

The room

Carving Outside

The building

Kirikiri - The stone building is the oldest in New Zealand

The river

Trees with no bark

Maybe it sheds it's bark once a year?

Bridge over the river Kirikiri

Recreation Maori Fishing village - the chiefs hut

View across the river to three of the oldest buildings in the country

Rahui Posts indicate 'tapu' areas - sacred ground that is off limits - I think this is the source of the word 'Taboo'

Latrine - Sit on the bar and hope the stick doesn't break - otherwise you'll end up in the river!

This little hut was for storing potatoes

Fire making apparatus

Old canoes found in the swamp

Bird Snare

Bark House


Fish Drying Sticks

Priests House

This held sacred objects

Cockerel in the Car Park

This one had very green feathers

Scenic View on a Scenic Drive

Nice isn't it!