165 - 4th July 2006 - Cape Reinga, Spirits Bay

The start of 90 Mile Beach

which is 90 miles long, and you can drive on it.

Pip at Cape Reinga

The cape

with the lighthouse

the other direction

lovely beaches below

far away places

and then the lighthouse again

Chris under the sign, just like the one at Lands End, but with AA branding

Pip with the sign

more nice beaches

and then the lighthouse from the top of the hill

Spirits Bay

cool water reflecting the surroundings

Wierd rock on the hill, We couldn't work out if it was carved or natural

the bay itself

not sand, but lots of tiny pieces of shell

and some large waves

so you had to keep your distance

close up

and another

you can still draw in the shells, just like sand

Looking back up river to the camping site

good skies as well as bays here

pretty sun